IPilogue Editors

IPilogue Editors

IPilogue (www.iposgoode.ca) is the first online review of its kind, featuring thoughtful intellectual property and technology law commentary by its student editors as well as scholars and other experts from around the world. As an interdisciplinary forum, we explore issues ranging from biotechnology to telecommunications, media to privacy, antitrust to tort, and beyond.

Based at Osgoode Hall Law School, IPilogue seeks to promote evidence-based dialogue featuring a multitude of perspectives.  Students from other law schools are welcome to contribute to IPilogue. We also welcome interdisciplinary contributions from professionals and scholars in various disciplines outside of law.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at iposgoode@osgoode.yorku.ca.


Giuseppina (Pina) D’Agostino
Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Founder & Director, IP Osgoode

Managing Editor

Michelle Li
Assistant Director, IP Osgoode

Senior Editors

Sebastian Beck-Watt
JD Graduate 2017, Osgoode Hall Law School

Sebastian is graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and is currently a Student at Law at Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh. He will be also clerking at the Federal Court in 2018-2019. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History from the University of Ottawa, before spending two years working as an asset appraiser for a financial services firm in Toronto. His interests in intellectual property law include trademarks, copyright, internet law, and marketing and advertising.

Dominic Cerilli
JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Dominic holds an Hon. B.Sc. in Biochemistry and an M.Sc. in Chemical Sciences from Laurentian University. His experience spans many technical disciplines, from designing drug delivery systems to community-oriented studies on the effectiveness of psychiatric therapies. Dominic is especially interested in the interaction between IP law and the technical nuances of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and molecular science.

Stephen Cooley
JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Stephen was born and raised on the prairies in Saskatoon, SK. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English literature and language. He is a musician and recording artist as well as an avid collector of vinyl records. Stephen has a keen interest in art, music and literature, and the relationship between these creative industries and IP law.

Contributing IPilogue Editors (2018/2019)

Roger Angus (not pictured)
JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Lauren Chan

Lauren is excited to contribute to the IPilogue, and is particularly interested in the intersection between IP law and life sciences with respect to biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation. Her other areas of interest include blockchain technology and fashion and the law. She hopes to draw in on her educational experiences in science and business to learn more about IP law.

Alex Dumais
JD candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Alex is in his second year at Osgoode Hall. Alex developed an interest in intellectual property after spending the past summer in Hamburg, Germany studying international IP transaction at Bucerius Law School. Alex has a variety of different interests at Osgoode and his IP research is reflective of that. He is both the co-director of sport with the Osgoode Entertainment and Sports Law Association and the co-director communications with the Osgoode Indigenous Students Association. In addition, Alex also maintains a deep interest in environmental law and is currently involved in Osgoode’s Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic. Away from law school, Alex is an active golfer and wishes to one day own his own golf course/brewpub.

Neda Foroughian
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Neda is a second year student at Osgoode Hall Law School, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Chemistry from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2017. During her time at Laurier, she was a research Assistant in the lab of Professor Ken Maly, where she explored the synthetic procedures behind the formation of liquid crystal compounds. She is currently a research assistant to Professor Steve Hoffman, and will be an executive on the Osgoode Women’s Network as well as the Mental Health Society in her 2L year. Outside the classroom, Neda enjoys trying exotic foods, attending spin classes and watching as much Netflix as possible.

Sebastian Gorlewski (not pictured)
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Imtiaz Karamat
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Imtiaz is a second year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. He holds an Hon. B.Sc. in Biology and Psychology and a M.Sc. in Medical Sciences from McMaster University. Through his academic research positions, Imtiaz has gained experience in a variety of technical fields, including neuroscience, immunology, and genetics. He is interested in applying his science background to IP law and innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Yonida Koukio
LLM Candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School

Yonida Koukio is an IPilogue Editor and an LL.M. Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. She holds LL.B. and LL.M. degrees from Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, and is a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2014. Yonida has practiced health law and civil litigation. In the meantime, Yonida developed a keen interest in privacy and technological innovation. She is the co-founder of Lawcals, the first L2L platform in Greece, which connects lawyers and streamlines legal tasks’ outsourcing in a simple, yet highly efficient way.

Bruna Kalinoski
LLM Candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School

Bruna D. Kalinoski has health science background from two years attending Dentistry School, holds an LL.M. degree from York University (Osgoode’s Canadian Common Law program), an LL.B. degree from the Federal University of the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. She also clerked for the Court of Appeal of her home state, Santa Catarina, in Brazil. Her involvement with IP began during her Patent course at Osgoode, and continued during her internship at an IP law firm in Toronto.

Summer Lewis
JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Summer is a first year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. She spent the last four years completing her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law, and French. Summer has spent over a year writing about the pressing legal issues that arise in the fashion industry on the blog Unprecedentedly Chic. She has a strong interest in intellectually property and trademark issues in the fashion world, including how technology affects these industries. As such, Summer is the Panel/Networking Coordinator for the Osgoode Fashion Law Society and a Fellow with the Innovation Clinic. She uses these opportunities to learn more about the entrepreneurial process and the role law plays in regulating innovation.

Summer is looking forward to using the IPilogue’s platform to discuss issues with new disruptive technologies, new intellectual property concerns in the fashion industry, and challenges that women and minority groups face in the intellectual property and innovation space.

Andrei Mesesan
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Andrei is a second year J.D. candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School holding an Hon. Bachelor of Cognitive Science with a specialization in Neuroscience from Carleton University. Andrei has been actively engaged in the Osgoode community; following his role as a junior caseworker at Osgoode’s Business Clinic, he will serve as a senior caseworker in September 2018 as well as a recruitment team member and caseworker for Osgoode’s Venture Capitalist Clinic. Parallel to his academic endeavours, he has worked as an information security analyst forming part of the Threat Intelligence Team at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions where his main focus was on emerging trends in ransomware. Andrei hopes to leverage his insights on security frameworks and recent cyber-attack campaigns to deliver balanced reporting on the evolution of information privacy laws.

Alessia Monastero
JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Alessia Monastero is a third year student at Osgoode Hall Law School and graduate of the Schulich School of Business. Having grown up in an environment surrounded by art, Alessia remains curious about the ways in which the Canadian legal framework compliments the needs of creative entrepreneurs in Canada. Given these interests, Alessia created the community and online publication, Rumble Magazine, and is founder of Osgoode’s Fashion Law Society. She continues to explore the ways in which technology interacts with copyright, internet governance, branding, and privacy law, and is interested in the ways that emerging and distruptive technologies impact the works of entrepreneurs and creators. Alessia will be articling at Deeth Williams Wall LLP.

Elias Rabinovitch
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Elias Rabinovitch is a second-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. His current IP research interests include copyright policy, particularly in the entertainment industry, as well as data privacy and cryptocurrency. In particular, he is interested in critically dissecting the fine line between what is considered creative “inspiration,” and what is considered copyright infringement. In his writing for the IPilogue, Elias draws on his experience as a musician and fine arts student to advocate for the legal rights of creators of all kinds.

Saba Samanian
JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Saba is in her final year at Osgoode Hall. Her interest in entrepreneurship constantly motivates her to assist those with creative and novel ideas, which is the primary reason for her involvement with IP Osgoode’s Innovation Clinic. During her law school career, she served  as a Research Assistant for three professors, all of whom are prominent figures in the IP field—one of which is with Prof. D’Agostino as part of the Innovation Clinic evaluation and comparison project. Saba is also interested in the intersectionality of technology with art, design, and architecture, which lead her to become the Toronto Ambassador for Women of Wearables. She spent a summer term at Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, and will be going there to article upon graduation.

Rui Shen (not pictured)
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Rui Shen is a second year J.D. candidate at York University with a future interest in intellectual property (IP) law. His previous supplemental experience in law-related topics includes participatory and research-based internships in health services, extensive knowledge of literacy and journalistic endeavors, and a founding position in meta-analyses translation initiative. Rui plans to use his background knowledge to pursue a career in healthcare and IP protection and commercialization.

Grace Wang (not pictured)
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Grace is a second-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. Before law school, she has extensive working experience at Fortune 500 companies. Grace obtained both Bachelor of Engineering degree and Master of Science degree from the National University of Singapore. She is especially interested in patent/copyright law, AI technology development and how it is going to impact the future practice of the legal profession.

Peter Werhun
JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Peter holds Masters and undergraduate degrees in chemistry from the University of Ottawa and McMaster University (respectively). His scientific research background includes characterization of lithium-ion batteries using MRI and using SSNMR spectroscopy to obtain novel structural and chemical information for highly reactive nickel catalysts. Peter’s academic interests in the law include the intersection of legal theory and practice, especially as it pertains to public policy, the legal profession, international law and human rights, and, of course, intellectual property. He can often be found making obscure pop-culture references in the Obiter Dicta offices at Osgoode, and reminiscing about his hometown of Hamilton, ON (while dreading the two-and-a-half hour transit commute needed to actually visit).