Contribute to the IPilogue TODAY!

Contribute to the IPilogue TODAY!

The IPilogue is the first blog of its kind populated with entries from law school students across Canada and around the world, as well as expert bloggers and academics both within and outside of the York University community. Even if you are not a member of the IPilogue Team, you can still submit articles to us for publication, and we strongly encourage you to do so!

The blog features analyses about current pressing intellectual property, technology, privacy and related legal issues and has a wide following in Canada and internationally from government, industry, academia, other expert groups and members of the general public. The IPilogue has even been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada!

Many students have used their involvement with the IPilogue to increase their employment opportunities, spark informed debates, publish in leading journals and cultivate a following in various law and policy forums.

Submissions typically range from 450-750 words in length. Topics span broadly across intellectual property and technology law, including its intersection with other fields of law. The IPilogue strives to remain an objective, balanced, and unbiased source of intellectual property law information where IP enthusiasts are welcome to contribute their thoughts with respect to others who may hold differing opinions. We ask that prospective and ongoing writers maintain this tone throughout their submissions.

We welcome submissions to the IPilogue on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in contributing to the IPilogue, send us an article or an inquiry at