About The IPilogue

About The IPilogue

The IPilogue is IP Osgoode’s Online Journal of IP Law and Technology founded by Prof. D’Agostino.  The IPilogue publishes analysis and commentary on current pressing intellectual property, technology, privacy and related legal issues.  The IPilogue is known for its unbiased, evidence-based discussion and informative presentation of current intellectual property law news and issues.  The IPilogue has a wide-ranging following in Canada and internationally from government, industry, academia and from other expert groups and members of the general public.   

The IPilogue is an interdisciplinary forum, exploring wide-ranging issues and providing a voice that seeks to fill gaps in the IP debate in Canada and around the world. Article topics range from biotechnology to telecommunications, media to privacy, antitrust to tort, and beyond. The goal of the IPilogue is to inform and promote an objective, balanced, and evidence-based dialogue about a broad cross-section of IP and technology issues which features a multitude of perspectives. It is the first online review of its kind.

The IPilogue features consistent contributions from our IPilogue Team, as well as freelance submissions from students, scholars, and experts from within the Osgoode community and around the world. We also welcome interdisciplinary contributions from professionals and scholars in various disciplines outside of law.

The program engages law students in a rigorous learning experience, requiring in-depth research and writing, including feedback to the students, and contributes to the richness of the intellectual property law and technology program at Osgoode Hall Law School and its attractiveness to students.  No other IP program in Canada has created a successful student-focused IP blog like this.  

Our website and the IPilogue have steadily attracted more visitors and remained fresh and relevant since its inception in 2011.  In 2012, the website received a Canadian Weblog Award and the IPilogue was ranked third most popular IP/Tech blog in Canada by Barry Sookman.  This is quite an achievement for a student-based blog.  In 2015, the IPilogue was a finalist for a Canadian Law Blog Award for the legal technology category.  

The IPilogue is proud to partner with Gowling WLG to present the annual Gowling WLG IPilogue Prize for blog and comment submissions during the Fall and Winter terms. Articles published on the IPilogue are also featured in IP Osgoode’s weekly newsletter, the IPIGRAM.

If you are interested in contributing to the IPilogue, click here for more information.