Clinic Fellows

Innovation Clinic Fellows

Clinic Founder & Director

Giuseppina (Pina) D’Agostino

Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Founder & Director, IP Osgoode, Innovation Clinic & IP Intensive
Editor-in-Chief, IPilogue & Intellectual Property Journal

Clinic Supervisor

Michelle Li
Hons. B.Sc., M.Sc., LL.B., of the Bar of Ontario
Assistant Director, IP Osgoode

Michelle was called to the Ontario Bar in 2007 and practiced IP law prior to joining IP Osgoode. She received her MSc. and Hons. BSc. in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Toronto, and her LL.B. from the University of Windsor.

Clinic Coordinator

Joseph F. Turcotte, PhD

Joseph holds a PhD from the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture (Politics & Policy) at York University and Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada). His scholarly research focuses on the roles that knowledge, information, data, and intellectual property play in knowledge-based and digital economies. With the Innovation Clinic, he applies this research, helping to train students and assist start-up companies and entrepreneurs with their IP commercialization needs. He is also part of Prof. D’Agostino’s IP Osgoode research team evaluating and comparing the Innovation Clinic model for her collaboration with CIGI.

Previously, he has been a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow (2012-14) and a Nathanson Graduate Fellow (2013-14) at the Jack & Mae Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security (Osgoode Hall Law School). He was also a Contributing Editor (2013-15) for the IPilogue, IP Osgoode’s online review focussed on intellectual property and technology law.

Innovation Clinic Fellows

The Innovation Clinic provides Osgoode Hall Law students with access to work-integrated and experiential learning opportunities in IP and technology law. Clinic Fellows are able to enhance their student experiences by taking on greater responsibilities and interactions with clients. Through practical, hands-on experience, students assist start-up and scale up companies navigate real-world legal and business challenges. This experiential education contributes to the career-readiness and success of Clinic Fellows.

Innovation Clinic Fellowships are volunteer positions and students’ time is eligbile for the Osgoode Public Interest Requirement (OPIR) credit.

The Innovation Clinic operates year-round and the recruitment of fellows occurs twice a year for the Fall-Winter terms and for the Summer session. Call for Applications are released on-campus and on-line in August and March/April, respectively.  For more information, please contact the Innovation Clinic at

Academic Year 2018-19

Senior Fellows

JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Ashley holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, as well as a Master of Science in Medical Sciences (Infection & Immunity). Studying at the McMaster Immunology Research Centre, Ashley’s Master’s research focused on the effect of cigarette smoke on anti-inflammatory processes in the lungs. Outside of the IP Innovation Clinic, Ashley is a Senior Editor of the Osgoode Hall Law Journal and Treasurer of the Legal and Literary Society.

JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Madison is a second-year student at Osgoode Hall. She obtained her BScH in Life Science followed by an MSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology from Queen’s University. While conducting cancer research during her Master’s, she developed an appreciation for innovative therapeutics and the biotechnology industry. Following graduate school, she worked in medical communications where she assisted pharmaceutical clients with development and execution of their strategic marketing initiatives. As a senior fellow, Madison’s looking forward to using her educational and professional background to assist clients while continuing to learn about IP.

JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Dominic holds an Hon. B.Sc. in Biochemistry and an M.Sc. in Chemical Sciences from Laurentian University. His experience spans a diverse range of technical disciplines, from designing drug delivery systems to community-oriented studies on the effectiveness of psychiatric therapies. Dominic is especially interested in the interactions between IP law and the technical nuances of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and molecular science.

JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Neda is a second year student at Osgoode Hall Law School, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Chemistry from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2017. During her time at Laurier, she was a research Assistant in the lab of Professor Ken Maly, where she explored the synthetic procedures behind the formation of liquid crystal compounds. She is currently a research assistant to Professor Steven Hoffman (Osgoode Hall Law School and York University), and will be an executive on the Osgoode Women’s Network as well as the Mental Health Society in her 2L year. Outside the classroom, Neda enjoys trying exotic foods, attending spin classes and watching as much Netflix as possible.


JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Imtiaz is a second year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. He holds an Hon. B.Sc. in Biology and Psychology and a M.Sc. in Medical Sciences from McMaster University. Through his academic research positions, Imtiaz has gained experience in a variety of technical fields, including neuroscience, immunology, and genetics. He is interested in applying his science background to IP law and innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Trishala just finished her 1L at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to attending law school, she completed her undergraduate degree at Western University in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences with a focus in Physiology and Anatomy. She has an interest in intellectual property, health, and privacy law and hopes to use her background in science and law to make a difference.

Clinic Fellows

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Suhaib is a first year student at Osgoode Hall Law School, and a graduate of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. He has worked as a software engineer for more than three years prior to starting law school. His work in the R&D departments of Intel, Altera, and Rocscience have given him a repertoire of technical skills and deep insight into the innovation process. He intends to use his engineering background and legal knowledge to help businesses solve their Intellectual Property issues and grow.

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Daniel, a first-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School, received his BComm in Business Management from Ryerson University. During his time at Ryerson, he worked as a Research Assistant for Dr. Kernaghan Webb, where he was involved in exploring social media platforms with regards to their Terms of Service and related privacy policies. As he perceives society to be moving from a tangible to intangible servicing model, copyright law and digital streaming is of particular interest to him. Besides academia, Daniel enjoys coffee and cheesecake to the extent where venturing to find new and bold flavours is one of his favourite pastimes. 

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Oren received his B.E.Sc and M.E.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. He is looking forward to helping businesses and innovators examine and protect their Intellectual Property.

 JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Stephanie is a first year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. As a graduate of Queen’s University, she holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in the Life Sciences and Psychology. Having professional experience at SickKids Hospital running clinical research trials within the field of paediatric orthopaedic surgery and rheumatology, she is interested in IP issues centred around innovations within the healthcare industry and how they are often integrated with other disciplines such as technology, biochemistry, and policy. As she has worked extensively with diverse populations within academic and professional settings, she is excited to use a client centred approach to assist businesses with their IP related inquiries.

 JD Candidate 2020, Osgoode Hall Law School

Keenan Fast grew up in Chatham Ontario. After successfully completing his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario, Keenan moved to Toronto to purse his JD at Osgoode Hall. Keenan intends on pursuing patent law, with a particular interest in pharmaceutical and materials science. Now going into his second year, Keenan uses whatever spare time he has to catch up on the latest political and tech news, devour history textbooks and Michael Lewis novels alike, add to his ever-growing vinyl records collection, and attempt to beat everyone he knows at trivia.

 JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

 Esther is a first-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour from McMaster University, where she researched innovative behavioural therapies and interventions created for brain-injured individuals. With the hope of exploring the intersections between science and law, Esther is excited to assist start-ups and entrepreneurs with their diverse range of IP needs

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Summer is a first year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. She spent the last four years completing her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law, and French. Summer has spent over a year writing about the pressing legal issues that arise in the fashion industry on the blog Unprecedentedly Chic. She has a strong interest in intellectually property and trademark issues in the fashion world, including how technology affects these industries. As such, Summer is the Panel/Networking Coordinator for the Osgoode Fashion Law Society and an Editor with the IPilogue. Summer is looking forward to using this opportunity to learn more about the entrepreneurial process and the role law plays in regulating innovation. 

JD Candidate 2019, Osgoode Hall Law School

Gianluca is entering his final year of the JD program at Osgoode Hall Law School. He holds an Honours Bachelor Degree and Masters Degree in History from the University of Western Ontario. As a lifelong musician, Gianluca is interested in copyright issues in the music industry. This past summer Gianluca worked on a number of trademark files at a full-service law firm where he also had the opportunity to participate in venture capital / angel capital investor forums, shadowing founders and CEOs of emerging and fast-growth companies. Gianluca maintains an interest in the automotive sector, with an emphasis on its intersection with artificial intelligence, along with technology and cannabis companies more generally. Gianluca will be studying at Trinity College, Dublin, for the Fall semester and looks forward to applying his international experience to his role as a Clinical Fellow. 

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

In addition to 9 years of engineering experience Jared has a B.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University and a M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Jared is also a licensed P.E. in the US. His masters focused on robotics and he has worked in missile defense, nuclear power plant structural design, accident reconstruction (collision forensics), and airplane component manufacturing. Jared, is an avid outdoorsman and builder. Whether camping, replacing the broken window on his car or installing his hardwood floors, Jared loves working with his hands. As a third-generation engineer who grew up recognizing the value of creative effort Jared is looking forward to his time in the IP Osgoode Clinic helping the next generation of innovators “realize” their dreams.

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Jennifer is a first-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. As an undergraduate student at Western University, she completed a Bachelor of Medical Sciences and was a member of the varsity swimming for four years. Prior to attending law school, Jennifer also earned a Masters of Management of Applied Sciences, which provided an interdisciplinary education focused on bridging advanced scientific concepts with their business and corporate applications. She is looking forward to learning more about IP law and hopes to utilize her academic background to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in the innovative process. Outside of school, she enjoys weight training, travelling, and reading novels.

JD Candidate 2021, Osgoode Hall Law School

Ryan completed his BMSc in Medical Science (2013) and MSc in Anatomy and Cell Biology (2015) at Western University. Before coming to Osgoode, Ryan worked as a business consultant at IBM serving clients in both the private and public sector. During his free time, Ryan likes to play ultimate frisbee and catch up on his latest shows on Netflix.


Note: IP Osgoode Innovation Clinic Staff and Fellows do not provide legal advice. Innovation Clinic Fellows work under the supervision of practicing lawyers to provide IP information to our clients. The IP Osgoode Innovation Clinic operates in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the Law Society of Ontario.