Clinic Fellows

IP Innovation Clinic Fellows

The IP Innovation Clinic provides Osgoode Hall Law students with access to work-integrated and experiential learning opportunities in IP and technology law. Clinic Fellows are able to enhance their student experiences by taking on greater responsibilities and interactions with clients. Through practical, hands-on experience, students assist start-up and scale up companies navigate real-world legal and business challenges. This experiential education contributes to the career-readiness and success of Clinic Fellows.

IP Innovation Clinic Fellowships are volunteer positions and students’ time is eligible for the Osgoode Public Interest Requirement (OPIR) credit.

The IP Innovation Clinic operates year-round and the recruitment of fellows occurs twice a year for the Fall-Winter terms and for the Summer session. Call for Applications are released on-campus and on-line in August and March/April, respectively.  For more information, please contact the IP Innovation Clinic at

IP Innovation Clinic Team

Clinic Founder & Director

Giuseppina D’Agostino

Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Founder & Director, IP Osgoode, IP Innovation Clinic & IP Intensive
Editor-in-Chief, IPilogue & Intellectual Property Journal


Assistant Director

Assistant Director, IP Osgoode, IP and Technology Program, Osgoode Hall Law School

Student Coordinators

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Androu has completed his first year at Osgoode Hall Law School. He graduated from RCSI-Bahrain with a medical degree (MB.BCh.BAO (NUI), LRCSI, LRCPI). His diverse experiences include medical research, entrepreneurship, and business. He is passionate about Intellectual Property. Prior to law school, Androu worked in the genetics department at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Mamraj is a 1L Juris Doctor Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to law school, he was an aerospace engineer at Bombardier Inc. for eight years, developing and certifying pneumatic systems for the Global 7500 Business Jet. He has developed a keen interest in Intellectual Property and Business Law, with a specific focus on IP commercialization strategies, commercial contracts and business incorporation. Upon graduation, he hopes to use his unique expertise to assist clients with a blend of legal solutions and business strategies to complement their corporate management. In his spare time, you can find him tinkering with his raspberry pi robots, playing board games, or practising his Cantonese with his toddler.

IP Innovation Clinic Fellows

Summer 2022

Senior Clinic Fellows

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Mac is a 2nd year law student at Osgoode Hall focusing his studies on topics of intellectual property. Having an Honours BSc in chemistry from Lakehead University, a PhD in biochemistry from McMaster University and two years of post-doctoral experience from the University of Toronto, Mac is ready to leverage his scientific expertise to aid clients in acquiring and commercializing their intellectual property.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Cynthia has recently completed her second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. For nearly a decade prior to law school, Cynthia played in bands as a heavy metal guitar player and worked in the entertainment industry in various capacities, including advising on cross-border tax obligations for non-resident performers and entertainment corporations. Cynthia aims to practice in the entertainment/media law sphere and takes a personal interest in learning more about IP handling in this context. Cynthia had the opportunity to assist on trademark reports, copyright litigation, and IP contract drafting while working at a full-service law firm last summer. This year, she is very pleased to be summering at an entertainment law boutique. She has enjoyed the exposure to IP regimes in action through her role as a volunteer Clinic Fellow with Osgoode’s IP Innovation Clinic.

LLM candidate in Intellectual Property Law at Osgoode Professional Development

Prior to joining Osgoode, Gurbir worked as an IP lawyer and patent agent in India. He was involved in IP prosecution, opposition and representing tech companies in safe harbor, trademark, and copyright infringement suits. Being a computer science engineering graduate, Gurbir is a passionate advocate for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and he was instrumental in establishing a Linux Foundation project in India. He is currently working on a project promoting access to generic medicines for patients in India. Outside school, he likes playing with pets and making music.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Jenny is going into her second year at Osgoode Hall. Prior to law school, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto, where she found passion for intellectual property through a course in technology strategy. Jenny is excited to work with inventors and entrepreneurs and to explore the role of IP rights in strengthening innovation ecosystems.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Mariela is in her second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. Previous to law school Mariela worked in higher education for five years. She obtained bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Chicano Latino Studies and a master’s in Education from California States University, Long Beach. Mariela is a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants; she was born in Guadalajara (Mexico), grew up in Los Angeles, and lives in Toronto. She is interested in IP law and its relationship to emerging technologies, food, art, and social justice. Mariela enjoys cooking authentic Mexican dishes, discovering new hiking trails, and travelling.

Meena Alnajar

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Meena is a 2L JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall. She completed a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at McMaster with a minor in biology. During her undergraduate summers, she worked as a cancer biology research assistant investigating the mechanisms of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Meena wants to explore the interactions of scientific innovation and the law. She looks forward to helping innovators as a Clinic Fellow. In her spare time, Meena enjoys writing poetry, completing jigsaw puzzles and hiking.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Peilin is in her second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. She previously obtained a bachelor’s degree at McMaster’s Honours Life Science program and is excited to be able to apply her scientific background in IP law. During her spare time, Peilin enjoys painting and exploring new cooking recipes.

Ryan's headshotRYAN ERDMAN
JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Ryan is in his second year of the J.D. Program at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior, he completed his B.A from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours specialization in Kinesiology. While Ryan’s interest with intellectual property and patent law originates with his background in health science, it has expanded to include other areas such as sport, entertainment, business law, and other emerging technologies. He is also a huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Phoebe is an incoming second-year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to law school, she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Immunology and Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Toronto. During her undergraduate, Phoebe was a student researcher investigating cardiovascular disease at the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower. It was through her research experience that she recognizes the importance of patents to innovators. Phoebe wants to explore the interaction of technology, law and business. As a clinic fellow, she hopes to support start-ups and assist entrepreneurs with intellectual property commercialization process. In her spare time, Phoebe enjoys rock climbing, playing piano and travelling.

JD Candidate 2022, Osgoode Hall Law School

Esther is a 3L at Osgoode Hall Law School. Before attending law school, she was a management consulting analyst at Accenture for three years, where she conducted strategy formulation and management diagnoses for her clients. Her previous clients included Global Fortune 500 corporations. Her interest in IP law and technology was triggered by her previous engagement with smart-city-related projects. After she joined Osgoode Venture Capital Clinic as a client coordinator, she became passionate about helping technology start-ups. She looks forward to applying what she has learned in IP and business law to help investors and entrepreneurs. In her spare time, she is addicted to her dog, Yuki.

Junior Clinic Fellows

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Ahaan is entering his second year of study at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to law school, he completed a Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts) degree from Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, India where he majored in Business Studies and minored in Law. Ahaan wrote his undergraduate dissertation on consumer behaviour and intellectual property law in relation to the counterfeit luxury fashion market in India. He previously conducted a comparative study on intellectual property law across jurisdictions and is currently engaged in research projects pertaining to the protection of indigenous fashion through intellectual property law, and an interdisciplinary analysis of artificial intelligence and copyright law.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Andrew is entering 2L at Osgoode Hall Law School. He has recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with research focused on the hearing mechanisms underlying animal communication and how it is impacted and shaped by behaviour. He previously earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Vermont and an M.Sc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Toronto. During his Ph.D., Andrew became interested in Intellectual Property particularly litigation and patent law.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Anita is a 1L student at Osgoode Hall Law School. She completed her Honours BA in Economics and Financial Management from WLU. Her studies (particularly those in global economic development), research pursuits, volunteer work, and professional experience have led to her interest in intellectual property. 

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

JD/MBA Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School



JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Daniel is going into his second year at Osgoode Hall Law School. He previously completed a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. He developed a keen interest in intellectual property law through working with inventors on patent applications for musical instruments. Through his experience as an engineer, he has witnessed the unique vulnerabilities facing inventors and is passionate about assisting clients in overcoming these challenges at the IP Innovation Clinic. Daniel is bilingual, speaking both English and Mandarin.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Egin is an incoming 3L student at Osgoode Hall Law School, as well as an IP Research Assistant in 2022. Coming from a rich media background, Egin hopes to bridge his professional experiences and personal passions into an IP law career. Prior to law school, Egin worked for six years in several major advertising agencies as an internationally award-winning copywriter, where he has created mass and digital-media campaigns for global brands as varied as VISA, Netflix, NFL, Metrolinx, FritoLay, Loblaws and RBC. In addition, Egin is an independent musician, having released three studio albums and toured across Europe and the Americas, as well as a music community organizer, hosting an annual Toronto Arts Council-funded 3-day festival with his collective.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Ibrahim Arif is a first-year JD student at Osgoode Hall. He graduated from McMaster University specializing in Medical & Biological Physics. His passion for Intellectual Property comes with her interests in innovative technology as he loves any opportunity to explore the intersection of law, technology, innovation, and business, that allow for innovative solutions to emerging problems.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Michael is a 3L student at Osgoode Hall Law School with an interest in business and intellectual property law. Prior to law school, he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Queen’s University where he majored in history and minored in Classical Studies. The highlight of his undergraduate experience was working as an archeologist in Cerveteri, Italy in the summer of 2019. At Osgoode, he have been involved in numerous extracurricular endeavors such as the Osgoode Business Clinic, the Osgoode Mooting Society, and the Osgoode Tax Law Association, and am currently summering at KPMG Law LLP. He is looking forward to the opportunity to gain exposure to IP law this summer as an IP Innovation Clinic Fellow and make a positive impact in the process.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Michelle has just completed her 1L year at Osgoode Hall Law School. As a graduate from the University of Toronto’s Bachelor of Science program, double majoring in Health Studies and Global Health, she is interested in improving the health outcomes of Canadians through policy. Michelle’s particular interest in patent law stems from her passion in supporting the development of orphan drugs for rare diseases. As a clinic fellow, she is excited to develop her knowledge of IP practice in Canada while helping inventors and creators protect their products. In her free time, she enjoys visiting art museums, taking long walks with her dog, and playing video games.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Miriam is entering her second year of study at Osgoode Hall Law school. Before starting at Osgoode, Miriam spent 10 years working in the independent film industry in Toronto. With her background in the arts, Miriam has a distinct interest in intellectual property and copyright law. She enjoys working with emerging entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative thinkers. In her spare time, you can find Miriam watching YouTube videos, baking gluten free treats and playing with her cat named Mouse.

LL.M Candidate, Osgoode Hall Law School

Pankhuri is pursuing her LLM in International Business Laws from Osgoode Hall School of Law. Previously, Pankhuri was a Senior Associate with the IP Boutique firm Anand and Anand in India. At the firm, Pankhuri worked on all litigation concerning all spheres of IP, particularly pharmaceutical patents. Pankhuri’s interest in IP has grown with the revelation of the upcoming metaverse. Pankhuri has developed an interest in emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and is curious to see how IP law evolves over the upcoming decade. Outside of work, Pankhuri enjoys painting, swimming and movie nights.

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

JD Candidate 2023, Osgoode Hall Law School

Sally will be starting her third year at Osgoode Hall Law School. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, double majoring in Life Sciences and English. Sally developed an interest in the protection of artists’ rights and works from her appreciation for the performing arts. Her other areas of interest include gaming technology and biotechnology, and she continues to grow her knowledge of IP issues as a writer for the IPilogue. As a fellow at the IP Innovation Clinic this summer, she is excited to increase market accessibility for smaller businesses. Outside of law school, she enjoys overanalyzing film scores and playing the violin.

JD Candidate 2024, Osgoode Hall Law School

Serena has just finished her first year of law at Osgoode Hall Law School. Her interest in intellectual property mainly stems from her educational background, where she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Medical Sciences in biochemistry and cell biology from Western University, and a Master of Science in biochemistry from McGill. However, in addition to science, she is keen to explore the intersection between intellectual property law and her other areas of interest: music and fashion. Outside of law school, Serena enjoys rock-climbing, hiking, playing soccer, guitar, and the podcast “Ongoing History of New Music”. 

Note: IP Innovation Clinic Staff and Fellows do not provide legal advice. IP Innovation Clinic Fellows work under the supervision of practicing lawyers to provide IP information to our clients. The IP Innovation Clinic operates in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the Law Society of Ontario.