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Innovation Clinic Become a Client

As a pro bono IP legal clinic committed to improving access to justice for under-resourced inventors and entrepreneurs, the Innovation Clinic operates year-round and has a rolling intake process.

Innovation Clinic staff members will pre-screen potential clients to ensure that they will benefit from Innovation Clinic assistance and do not have the financial resources necessary to hire professional counsel. This process includes the completion of a background questionnaire and pre-intake call with an Innovation Clinic Staff Member.

Following the pre-intake process and the completion of a legal conflict check, selected clients will hold an IP commercialization consultation call. During the consultation intake call, the supervising lawyer and Innovation Clinic Fellow will work with the client to determine an agreed upon work plan. Our team creates tailored work plans for each client based on their needs and stage of business development.

If accepted into the Innovation Clinic following the consultation call, clients will be asked to sign an engagement agreement. The work of our Innovation Clinic Fellows is pro bono aside from a $50 administrative fee, which is due following the client formally engaging the Innovation Clinic.

The Innovation Clinic services may include IP, preliminary freedom-to-operate, and clearance search work within the jurisdiction of Ontario in the following areas:

  • Reviewing basic issues in business transactions involving intellectual property,
  • Patent searches and prior art searches,
  • Trade-mark searches,
  • Agreement review (Internal, Contractor, License, etc.),
  • Application drafting and/or review,
  • Other tasks as assigned and supervised by the supervising lawyer.

Note: IP Osgoode Innovation Clinic Staff and Fellows do not provide legal advice. Innovation Clinic Fellows work under the supervision of practicing lawyers to provide IP information to our clients. The IP Osgoode Innovation Clinic operates in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations of the Law Society of Ontario.

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