Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

IP Lunch Club LogoThe IP Lunch Club

Wednesdays, March 3-31, 2021 from 12:30pm to 1:15pm via Zoom

The IP Innovation Clinic is proud to partner with Sandbox Centre to produce this 5-Part lunchtime series. Every Wednesday in March, our Innovation Clinic Fellows will present free virtual information sessions across a wide range of topics relating to protecting IP rights in business, ideas, or products. If you’re a new business owner, entrepreneur, start-up, innovator, or just interested in learning more about protecting innovation and intellectual property, then this series is for you!

Throughout March, our Fellows will present on the following topics:

March 3: Intellectual Property Law Considerations for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

IP Lunch Club 1

Presented by Keir Strickland-Murphy, Ya-En Cheng, & Maddie Lynch


This presentation will highlight the patent and trademark strategies which start-ups and entrepreneurs should consider before and while they form a company. This includes understanding who owns the IP that existed prior to formation and that which has been created during the course of business. The discussion will then turn to public disclosure while developing your invention and how it might affect your patent application. Finally, the presentation will conclude with the different types of IP and which of them you might want to seek protection for.

March 10: Empowering Entrepreneurs: Effective Strategies for IP Commercialization and Success

IP Lunch Club 2Presented by David Park, Joaquin Aris, & Tanya Tawakley


Intellectual Property (IP) commercialization is becoming exceedingly important for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike to consider. This presentation endeavours to summarize the three main ways in which entrepreneurs can profit from their innovative ideas; namely, the processes of (1) Creating an IP-based business; (2) Licensing; and (3) Selling IP. This journey will touch on various themes, including hiring an IP lawyer, incorporating a business, creating a franchise, auctioning your patent, and more.

March 17: The Mechanics of Filing a Patent and Patent Law

IP Lunch Club 3Presented by Bonnie Hassanzadeh, Tyler McLaughlin, & Christian Bekking


This presentation will discuss the basics of patent law, provide a roadmap for filing a patent, and highlight the differences between patent regimes in Canada and the United States. Many patent applications in Canada are filed by Americans. Understanding the differences between Canadian and US patent applications is important because of the interdependence of the Canadian and US markets.

March 24: Overcoming Intellectual Property Issues Facing Artists, Writers and Designers

IP Lunch Club 4Presented by Lauren Toccalino, Lamont Abramczyk, Samantha Melhado


This presentation will begin with an overview of relevant Canadian statutory provisions, with particular emphasis on protections afforded to artists, writers, and designers under The Copyright Act. This will be followed by a discussion about “what is art?” relative to the definitions in the Copyright Act, as well as accessibility issues arising from artists’ lack of general awareness of their legal rights. The unique challenge that diverse mediums, such as tattoos and graffiti, present for intellectual property will be a running theme throughout this presentation. The presentation will conclude with a discussion about digital fashion as an emerging creative industry, including how digital fashion shifts consumption models.

March 31: Innovating the IP Commercialization Process: The Pioneering IP Innovation Clinic ChatBot

IP Lunch Club 5Presented by Anabelle Tung & Maggie Vourakas


This presentation introduces the IP Innovation ChatBot, the first AI-powered chatbot of its kind, which aims to alleviate the problem of IP illiteracy in Canada. It will discuss the importance of IP literacy for entrepreneurs and the IP-related problems faced by start-ups.

The Event series is sponsored by Barriston Law, who will be joining each session to offer some local insights about how they provide IP protection and commercialization support to the business community.


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Photo from CIGI Event Page

4th Annual IP Data & Research Conference

Thursday, March 11, 2021 from 9am to 4pm via Zoom


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) are excited to formally invite you to the 4th Annual IP Data & Research Conference. This year’s conference will focus on the integral relationship between intellectual property (IP) and economic growth.

The conference agenda includes opening remarks from Simon Kennedy, the Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), followed by a keynote presentation from Jim Balsillie, retired Chairman and co-CEO of Research in Motion (BlackBerry), philanthropist, innovator and founder of both CIGI and the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Mr. Balsillie’s keynote will centre on the importance of IP ownership in long-term sustainable growth. Following this keynote presentation, Konstantinos Georgaras, Chief Executive Officer (interim) of CIPO, will facilitate a discussion with Mr. Balsillie.

After this opening, the event is split into four themed sessions:

  • Clean Technologies and IP;
  • IP and Economic Growth;
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on IP and Innovation; and
  • Data in Support of Evidence Based Policymaking.

Each of these sessions will contain several presentations and will include opportunities for audience members to ask questions.

In addition, Wednesday, March 10 marks the first Data Day, a half-day event from 1 pm to 5 pm. Researchers and data scientists will share the ‘how’ of their IP research. Presentations will include an overview of the European Patent Office’s PATSTAT database, IP Australia’s TM-Link, data activities at CIPO, and the PatentVector database developed by Andrew Torrance, Professor of Law at the University of Kansas, to name a few. 

Participation at this conference is free of charge; however, registration here is mandatory.  Please note that the official conference agenda will soon follow.