IP Osgoode’s Prof. Pina D’Agostino, Aviv Gaon and Ian Stedman Join York University’s Artificial Intelligence and Society Task Force

IP Osgoode is proud to announce that its founder and director, Prof. Pina D’Agostino, along with Aviv Gaon and Ian Stedman, both of whom are PhD Candidates at Osgoode Hall Law School, are members of York University’s Artificial Intelligence and Society Task Force.  Prof. D’Agostino, Aviv and Ian are leading scholars in AI and the law.

The task force, sponsored by York University’s VP Academic and Provost and VP Research & Innovation, will be developing ideas and examining options for building and featuring York’s research strengths in the area of Artificial Intelligence. This taskforce, Co-Chaired by Prof. D’Agostino, and Prof. James Elder, will leverage collegial expertise, solicit advice and generate recommendations towards how York can advance research and take advantage of research, scholarship and academic opportunities in this area.

As an independent and authoritative voice, which explores legal governance issues at the intersection of intellectual property and technology, IP Osgoode is looking forward to working very closely with the AI task force to help develop AI scholarship, research and academic programs.

We invite our members and readership to provide us with any comments or suggestions that you may have for the AI task force.

Following up on the huge success of our Bracing for Impact: The Artificial Intelligence Challenge event, we will be organizing another conference focused on AI and data governance in March 2019, so please visit iposgoode.ca for announcements of our upcoming AI related events, blogs and initiatives.