Unveiling the IP Osgoode David Vaver Medal of Excellence in Intellectual Property Law

IP Osgoode is pleased to mark the year Prof. David Vaver received the Order of Canada for his leadership in intellectual property as a “a scholar and mentor” with something just as timeless to share with Osgoode Hall Law students, our future leaders in intellectual property law.

On Nov 20, following a day-long symposium honouring Prof Vaver  and before a packed crowd consisting of Prof. Vaver’s former and current students, colleagues, friends and generally all those who admire Prof. Vaver and his scholarship, we unveiled the IP Osgoode David Vaver Medal of Excellence in Intellectual Property Law. The medal will be awarded yearly to an Osgoode student in the graduating class who merits special recognition for outstanding achievements in the area of intellectual property law. The student’s achievements extend beyond academic excellence, and can include significant contributions to research in intellectual property and related areas or exceptional commitment and enthusiasm through their participation in intellectual property-related extra-curricular activities.

The David Vaver Medal will become a permanent part of the student’s transcript record and will be announced & awarded each year at convocation.

This special medal, befitting of Prof. Vaver’s influence on intellectual property law, is an original piece of art work by Toronto-based artist, Aries Cheung. Cheung, who was also at the unveiling, is a York University Fine Arts graduate and boasts many accolades. He is also well-known for designing a series of coins for the Canadian Mint. See his website for his many accomplishments. Cheung was chosen among a list of artists to honour Prof David Vaver.


Giuseppina D’Agostino is the Founder & Director of IP Osgoode, the IP Intensive Program, and the Innovation Clinic, the Editor-in-Chief for the IPilogue and the Intellectual Property Journal, and an Associate Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.