#ISHTIP 2017 - Intellectual Property as Circulation and Control

The International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property (ISHTIP) will be holding its annual workshop in Toronto, July 12th-14th, 2017. Organized by the Centre for Innovation law and Policy at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, and co-sponsored in part by Osgoode Hall Law School and IP Osgoode, the workshop will explore all aspects of the circulation/control dilemma from historical and contemporary perspectives. Modalities of control to be considered include: licensing practices; distribution and business models; collectivization; cultural appropriation; authors, inventors and ownership; criminal provisions; international trade agreements; technological means of control such as technological protection measures, anti-circumvention laws, search engines and aggregators; surveillance and policing by law enforcement agencies, ISPs, trolls; and organized resistance to corporate control by users and pirate movements.

The workshop agenda boasts an impressive line-up of pre-eminent and interdisciplinary IP scholars from around the globe including IP Osgoode’s own Prof. Carys Craig and Prof. Saptarishi Bandopadhyay, Osgoode’s newest faculty appointee. For more information about the event, click here.