“Canadian Telecommunications Law” Authored by Professor Robert Howell

Stuart Freen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Professor Robert Howell, of the University of Victoria, has authored a new book with Irwin Law entitled Canadian Telecommunications Law.

The book deals, broadly speaking, with the administration and regulation of telecommunications and broadcasting under the control of the CRTC and its predecessor agencies. It explores the regulatory framework in place for traditional media like telephone, radio, television, cable, and satellite communications, yet follows the trend of digitization and its relevance to telecommunications as a whole.

The publisher notes: “the nature and breadth of digitization has juxtaposed other areas of law and imbued them with substantial significance and relevance to telecommunications as a whole. This trend is reflected in this important new book by one of Canada’s leading specialists in the field.”

The book includes a forward by Justice Marshall Rothstein of the Supreme Court.

Robert Howell has taught at the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria since 1980. His research focus is intellectual property law and policy, telecommunications law and policy, and private international law. He has published several books on intellectual property law and currently sits on the Board of the British Columbia Law Institute, the principal law reform entity in British Columbia.