ventureLAB: Go-To Innovation Centre for Up-And-Coming York Region Businesses

venture lab masthead3

A new Regional Innovation Centre has been launched to help up-and-coming York Region companies reach the next level of growth.  Called ventureLAB, the centre – which provides services at no-charge to qualified small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – is the go-to point for entrepreneurs looking to build world-class businesses.

The new centre is a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE), a collaborative network of organizations across Ontario designed to help companies bring new ideas to the marketplace, while fostering global excellence in innovation.

Serving all of York Region, with a particular focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Life Sciences, ventureLAB is strategically located at the Markham Convergence Centre. With a seasoned team of advisors, the organization gives entrepreneurs access to a broad network of experts – from researchers and academics, to business, financial and legal professionals, to government representatives and investors – who can help sell an idea, spur investment, and grow a business both at home and worldwide.

“ventureLAB provides unmatched service and expertise that help bring York Region enterprises to the next level of growth,” said Jeremy Laurin, ventureLAB President and CEO. “Whether you’re an innovator, technology-based business, entrepreneur or researcher, our team of experts will connect you with services and programs to help you innovate and gain a competitive advantage.”

The centre offers a wide range of top-notch educational programs, industry-leading events and networking opportunities for SMEs, all designed to help companies reach their growth objectives.

Other ventureLAB services include market research and competitive intelligence, guidance with intellectual property and market strategy, assistance with funding, investment and financing pitches, introduction to investors, access to government resources and programs, academic research collaborations, sales direction and coaching, and support for market launches and exporting.


For more information or to register as a client, please visit