Bill C-32 Hearings Continue

Pauline Wong is the Assistant Director of IP Osgoode.

The Legislative Committee on Bill C-32 is continuing to hear from stakeholders regarding the proposed Copyright Modernization Act.  Most recently, the Committee heard from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), la Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction (COPIBEC), and l’Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois (UNEQ).

[Note: This post was modified on February 17, 2011, to correct the error described in the comments (below).]

  1. Dear Ms.Wong:

    This is NOT accurate. I was present at this session as counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and not on my own behalf. I have not appeared and will not be appearing at the C-32 hearings on my own behalf.


    Howard Knopf

  2. My apologies. I see now in the Minutes of Proceedings that the Canadian Civil Liberties Association was represented by Nathalie Des Rosiers AND Howard Knopf. Thank you for bringing this error to our attention.

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