Dr. Corbin awarded 2010 Murray Philp Prize

Dr. Ruth Corbin, Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall, and Managing Partner of CorbinPartners Inc., along with the Conference Board of Canada, have won the prestigious 2010 Murray Philp Prize for the project “Intellectual Property in the 21st Century.”  The release of the report was previously announced on the IP Osgoode site in mid-February.   The award was made by the Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) of Canada, at its gala dinner on June 1.  The award is presented for a market research project done for a not-for-profit organization that has contributed positively to individuals, groups or communities within Canada.

Prior to being recognized by MRIA, the report was featured at the top of the list of recommended reading in Industry Canada’s “Learning and Knowledge Centre,” and the most frequently downloaded report from Conference Board’s e-library in the week of its release.  It was also showcased at a panel discussion held at a meeting sponsored jointly by Industry Canada and OECD, and at a panel discussion at the Canada 3.0 conference held in May.  Canada 3.0 brought Canadians together from all walks of life to discuss key issues in digital IP and plan strategy to move Canada into a global position of technology leadership.   

Dr. Corbin is the author of two texts on intellectual property evidence, and will be teaching the JD courses on Trademarks and on Intellectual Property and Cognitive Science in next year’s winter term.