Researchers win $1.89M grant to search for AI solution to infant pain assessment
From Start-up to Scale-up: A Report on the Innovation Clinic in Canada
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Personal Privacy in a Digital Age: Examining Current Intellectual Property & Privacy Obligations

Canadians have privacy rights associated with their personal information. This even applies when one’s personal information is held by someone else – like with hospital medical records. Patient ownership of personal data was illustrated in the 1992 Supreme Court of Canada (‘SCC’) decision, McInerney v. MacDonald, where the Court verified…

Researchers win $1.89M grant to search for AI solution to infant pain assessment

On April 2, a team of York University researchers led by psychology Professor Rebecca Pillai Riddell, associate vice-president research and the director of the Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt (O.U.C.H.) Lab, was awarded a $1.5-million grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council,…

Remuneration Models for Musicians: A Focus on the Reversionary Right

This past fall, Canadian music icon Bryan Adams presented in front of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to propose an amendment to the Canadian reversionary right [1]. Adams recommended altering section 14(1) of the Copyright Act from twenty-five years after death to twenty-five years after assignment. The goal of…

A Possible Legal Response to the Rise of Smart Clothing

In the third instalment of the Toronto Wearables Series, I began to discuss a possible path forward in the regulation of smart clothing. The rise of new ideas and innovations have a tendency to create the illusion that a regulatory scheme is needed in order to capture and govern such…

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Picks of the week

Canada and France are working with the international community to create the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) to support and guide the responsible development of artificial intelligence that is grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, and economic growth.

The federal government announces creation of  a new advisory council on artificial intelligence.

The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage released “Shifting Paradigms“, its report on artist remuneration, as part of Parliament’s Statutory Review of the Copyright Act

Proposed regulations on “Establishing Time Limits in Relation to Matters Before the Copyright Board” have been published in the Canada Gazette Part 1.