Now that AI is creating Art, what are the consequences on Copyright Law?
Determining Liability for AI Generated Works
Space Force vs Space Force: A Race to Licensing
Impact of COVID-19 on Intellectual Property system in Canada
Wiseau Studio, LLC v Harper: Good News for Canadian Filmmakers on Fair Dealing and Documentaries
To search or not to search? Business perspective on patent searches
US Pharma Company, Gilead Sciences, Expands Access to COVID-19 Treatment- Experts Remain Skeptical of Long-Term Demands
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Anonymity and Security of Protestors: Can Masks Really Protect your Identity?

Masks may protect people from being infected or infecting others with diseases transmitted by respiratory droplets or other airborne means. Masks may also help to disguise people’s identities. However, this might not be the case for too long. There are companies developing periocular recognition technologies to recognize people’s faces based…

Plant-Based Protein: The Government’s Latest Investment in Clean Technology

While the Canadian government’s recent investment in a plant-based food facility was a welcome investment in the agricultural industry, it was also a promising investment in clean technology. Recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an announcement that Federal Government would be supplying Merit Functional Foods with an interest-free $10 million…

Algorithms, Impartiality, and Judicial Discretion

There are many reasons to worry about judicial discretion in the context of sentencing, and developments in the psychology of judgment and decision-making cast doubt on the idea that sentencing is an art. For example, one might receive a harsher sentence from a judge if you appear in court later…

To search or not to search? Business perspective on patent searches

“Startuping” is never easy. A significant investment is required for results that are not guaranteed. However, competitive research – which in the technical domain translates to patent research – can save a great deal of time, cost, and effort. Consider X. X has an engineering degree and works for the…

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13 August 2020
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Picks of the week

Last week TikTok and the US-based National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) announced the signing of a multi-year licensing agreement. The music industry and collecting societies for rights in musical works have been trying to negotiate agreements with the social media platform, threatening legal action against TikTok for copyright infringement.