Recap of IPIC2020 Virtual: Emerging Trends in IP - What Does The Future Hold?
Now that AI is creating Art, what are the consequences on Copyright Law?
The Legal Considerations of Live-Stream Shopping
Anonymity and Security of Protestors: Can Masks Really Protect your Identity?
Determining Liability for AI Generated Works
Discriminatory trademarks have no place on the register
Space Force vs Space Force: A Race to Licensing
Impact of COVID-19 on Intellectual Property system in Canada


The Changing Nature of Sound Recording Rights

The ongoing history of sound recording rights continues to provide a fascinating study in the United States’ copyright regime’s ability to contemplate and absorb new technologies into its framework. The evolution of these rights in America over the last 50 years charts alongside the country’s evolving music industry, crystallizing the…

The Supreme Court Backs Booking.com

The United States Supreme Court delivered a victory for creators, specifically those whose businesses and ventures find their origins online, and security for current trademark holders with its decision in Patent and Trademark Office v. Booking.com B. V.  Justice Ginsburg, who wrote for the eight justice majority, held that the…

How Machine Learning Could Play a Key Role in the Diagnosis of Rare Genetic Diseases

Machine learning as a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) has increasingly become the subject of interest by many industries, including in the field of healthcare. For instance, AI and machine learning can play a key role in the diagnosis of rare medical conditions. AI and machine learning in the context…

Recap of IPIC2020 Virtual: Emerging Trends in IP - What Does The Future Hold?

Indigenous IP, computer-generated artwork and CIPO practice updates — This year’s IPIC annual conference had it all. Introduction Every year, the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) hosts a national conference, welcoming IP lawyers from all over Canada to network and to learn from leaders in the field. This year,…

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Picks of the week

On October 16, 2020, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) Task Force on COVID-19 published a report on “Open Drug Discovery of Anti-Virals Critical for Canada’s Pandemic Strategy” discussing how an open science model for drug discovery can support mission-oriented research and development as well as commercialization. Full text of the report is available here.