War or Co-operation: Implications of COVID-19 Vaccine Patents
Biopiracy and the Global Intellectual Property Regime: The Appropriation of Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge for Profits
IP Regimes May Delay a Timely Delivery of New COVID-19 Vaccines
It’s Called Fashion Law, Osgoode—Look It Up
IP of the Future: Implications for Canada
Congratulations to our IP Innovation Clinic client Skygauge Robotics on closing $3.3 million in funding
Privacy Law for the Digital Economy: The new Digital Charter Implementation Act
X-Ray Vision: How the Latest Deepfake Privacy Invasion is Revealing the Dark Side of AI Technology


What Is a Defective Medical Device?

The patents protected by intellectual property laws are an indispensable tool for fostering innovation, and this is particularly true with the increasing advent of life saving medical devices. However, too often, even after extensive testing, things can go wrong, threatening the life of those the devices are intended to save.…

Bracing for Impact - Cyber Challenges to Human Rights

On December 1, 2020, I had the pleasure of attending IP Osgoode’s Bracing for Impact conference series. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this episode of the series was held online in the form of a webinar. This year’s theme was cyber challenges to human rights, which is increasingly becoming one…

Biopiracy and the Global Intellectual Property Regime: The Appropriation of Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge for Profits

As pharmaceutical research and agricultural practices become more advanced in the West, there is an increasing desire by researchers and corporations to extract bio-resources from the developing world’s flourishing biodiversity and use indigenous peoples’ knowledge in order to put those bio-resources to commercial use. The search and extraction of naturally-occurring…

War or Co-operation: Implications of COVID-19 Vaccine Patents

Winter is coming, and while this chilly season should feel like a jolly period filled with holiday fun, such feelings are not as apparent for 2020, with COVID-19 lurking among us. Paired with decreasing temperatures of the Canadian climate, the number of cases for the novel COVID-19 virus across Canada…

*NEW* Innovation Clinic Chatbot

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IP Innovation Clinic Chatbot Launch Event
29 January 2021
IP Osgoode is hosting the virtual IP Innovation Clinic Chatbot Launch Event to showcase the IP Innovation Clinic ChatBot, which was developed to support the provision of free access to basic IP information in a timely, effective and user-friendly way.
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International Patent Protection and Software and Business Methods Patents Workshop
21 January 2021
An IP strategy is crucial for a company for achieving its business objectives. Join Tony Orsi and Ray Kovarik from Bereskin & Parr LLP to learn about International Patent Protection and Software and Business Methods Patents. During this workshop you will learn techniques to determine whether patent protection applies to innovations in the software and business method fields.
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Picks of the week

Professor Giuseppina (Pina) D’Agostino has recently been interviewed about the federal government’s consultation on modernization of the Privacy Act. The article highlights the changes made to the legislation governing the handling of personal data by the private sector. The article is now available here.
Despite an unpredictable market and changing consumer needs, the alcoholic beverage industry continues to flourish on a global scale. Clarivate IP experts explore how an increase in demand for craft drinks has resulted in a boom of online trade. Visit the website to learn more.
Montreal MLS team rebrands as Club De Foot Montreal. Along with the new name, the club has replaced the Impact’s shield logo with a round black badge rimmed with blue and featuring a grey snowflake. Designer Justin Kingsley said the creative team wanted to harken back to some key Montreal moments with their work, including the 1976 Montreal Olympics and Expo 67. Click here to read more about the new changes to the beloved Montreal team.